The most unusual models

The most unusual models

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There are some unwritten fashion standards. If the rounded female forms for the most part attract men, then the designers prefer to show their products on thin and tall girls.

As a result, in real life, models often look less stunning than on TV screens. For some of them, the easiest way is through bed, and someone is ready to starve for months to bring their body to perfect shape.

But today a new trend has appeared in fashion - designers suddenly realized that in addition to tall creations, one must work for the sake of ordinary people. So models began to appear, absolutely atypical, both for the industry, appearance and form.

Moreover, some of them generally have physical disabilities. That is why it is worth talking about the most famous models, who show that getting on the catwalk is not so impossible for any of us.

A woman with muscular dystrophy. When Gillian Mercado decided, for fun's sake, for an interview, she had no idea how it could end. The girl suffers from muscular dystrophy and can only move in a wheelchair. Gillian worked for a fashion magazine, where she met Nicola Formichetti, artistic director of Diesel fashion house. A few months later, the journalist saw an ad for the casting. Diesel was looking for young models who could diversify the cultural heritage. Gillian, even theoretically not allowing the possibility of success, sent her portfolio there. However, he soon received a letter asking for more photographs, as her persona aroused interest. So Gillian, along with 22 other models, became the face of Diesel in the new campaign of the House. At the same time, the model in the photo does not try to hide her wheelchair. But Gillian was worried about the reaction of her friends on Instagram to her photo shoot. Fortunately, it has received favorable reviews.

85 year old lingerie model. Daphne Self is already 85 years old and this woman proves by her personal example that beauty does not have to be associated with youth. Daphne Self has a career spanning over 60 years. The woman is still in demand - she has a slender body, expressive cheekbones and beautiful, not even gray, but silvery hair. Today the model is the oldest in England. And her services are in demand by brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Michiko Koschino, TK Maxx, Tata-Naka. The model proves by her example that you can and should be stylish at any age. And Daphne Self's career in this business began by accident. A 20-year-old girl came to the competition on an ad and unexpectedly won. In the 50s, she devoted herself to the family, having given birth to three children and deciding that she certainly would not be enough for fashion. From time to time, she participated in shows and even flashed in films. And in 1998 the woman was invited to participate in the show "Red or Dead". After the success there, stylists advised Daphne to contact Vogue, which was just preparing an issue about "adult" beauty. The woman is surprised to note that now she is in demand by high fashion much more than in her youth. In addition, the "puppy fat" came down and outlined the cheekbones.

Cross-eyed model. Moffy's model defies all the classic canons, she bears little resemblance to a supermodel. And although the girl is undoubtedly talented, beautiful and young, has the correct body proportions, there is something that sets her apart from others. The fact is that Moffy suffers from squint. Physical disabilities are often a barrier for many girls on the way to the podium. But in the case of Moffy, everything turned out exactly the opposite - thanks to her squint, she succeeded in the fashion world. The famous photo for "POP Magazine" was the first for the girl in gloss. Photographer Luke Coyfate took a series of shots in which Moffy posed in soccer jerseys and no makeup. However, Moffy's pure and uncomplicated, besides unconventional beauty conquered everyone. The squint became her highlight. And the agency Storm, which opened Kate Moss, Lily Cole and Kara Delvin, hastened to sign a contract with the aspiring model. Now the profile of Moffy flaunts on the website of the elite organization, and the shooting of the girl is planned for several months in advance. Interestingly, due to the peculiarities of her appearance, the model is photographed mainly without makeup, so as not to inadvertently hide her flaw.

Disabled fashion model, former Marine. Alex Minsky managed to fight in Afghanistan. There, in a mine explosion, the man lost part of his right leg and almost lost his life. The infantryman was in a coma for 47 days. Minsky became a Knight of the Order of the Purple Heart and practically lost his prospects in a peaceful life. The guy did not immediately learn to walk with a prosthesis. He had to get out of a severe depression - after the death of his younger brother, the guy began to drink. The gym was the salvation. During one of the training sessions, photographer Tom Callis approached him and offered to work as a model. A tattooed good folded body did not go unnoticed by a professional. The photo session in underwear was successful. The pictures of a half-naked soldier, not hiding his prosthesis, became scandalous. Now Minsky works as a model, sometimes having two shots a day. He himself believes that by his example he shows that you should never give up. Minsky plans to become an actor as well, it seems that with his tenacity it is quite possible.

Highest model. The fact that models are taller than average girls is no secret. But how much growth is in demand? Amazon Eve, a fitness trainer, has become the world's tallest professional fashion model. Thanks to this status, she even got into the Guinness Book of Records. Amazon is a cut above any other model, and in the literal sense of the word. By the age of 14, the girl had grown to 180 centimeters. The lanky Amazon felt vulnerable, some kind of mutant. And over the next five years, she grew by another 23 centimeters. The woman remembers those years with hostility - the growing body ached, and her classmates constantly laughed at her. But then she was able to reconsider her view of herself and love her body. Before starting work as a model, Amazon also managed to work as a political lobbyist, assistant lawyer. She understands that her unusual shapes are the key to her success. Having tried to lose weight to model norms, she almost died. Now she does not look at the scales, but just lives her usual life. Amazan even conducts his own seminar, where he teaches to appreciate your inner beauty and be open to love, regardless of body shape. The model herself even tried herself in Hollywood. True, so far she is offered mostly negative roles. And in 2013, Eve starred in the mystical drama Hemlock Grove.

The woman is a male model. Casey Legler, 35, is a model. The only weird thing is that she advertises men's clothing. She has sharp cheekbones and a tall height of 185 centimeters, which helps her work as such a model. Casey's talents were appreciated in the men's department of the prestigious Ford Modeling agency, offering her a contract. The girl grew up in the family of a professional basketball player and herself achieved a place on the Olympic swimming team. But at 21, she left the sport. Casey could not find herself for a long time - she worked in a supermarket, studied law, medicine, design, and took up art. And in 2012, her unusual career began. Casey's friend, photographer Cass Byrd, at the last moment invited her to appear as a man in a session for Musé magazine. The pictures got into Ford Modeling, and literally immediately the agency offered a contract to a woman, and to work as an exclusively male model. Today she is the only one in the fashion world that works in this capacity. But before that, success was accompanied by Andrei Pezhich, a man who was in demand in the women's sector. It becomes clear that the fashion world has become ready for a change of landmarks. More and more often in collections there are things “without gender”. Casey herself claims that you just need to understand that women do not always look feminine. The model is a revolutionary in spirit, loves tattoos and dreams of playing the role of James Bond.

The model is the owner of the widest hips in the world. This model certainly does not fit into the classical canons. Mikel Ruffinelli, 39, from Los Angeles has the widest hips in the world, measuring 244 centimeters in circumference. The owner of such magnificent forms is the mother of four children. Each time she has to squeeze through the doorways with difficulty, and on the plane she sits in two places at once. Mikel even moves in a truck, as her 182-kilogram body simply does not fit in a regular car. And at home she has especially sturdy furniture. Interestingly, the woman is only 164 centimeters tall, so her width is greater than her height. Despite its size, the plus size model is proud of its shape and is not going to lose weight at all. She doesn't even care about ridicule, her confidence has increased with the new job. Mikel is now filming for a website featuring big and beautiful women. For a photo session, she receives a thousand dollars.

Ugly models. There are many looks used in the fashion industry, but perfect and beautiful supermodels are not always required. Some castings require the presence of some very bizarre people. When this happens, you have to resort to the services of the London agency "Ugly Models". It specializes precisely in cooperation with people with unusual, strange and even ugly appearance. As with most things, this agency offers girls and boys. But there is also a special section with dwarfs, thugs, bikers, bodybuilders, twins and people with extreme tattoos or piercings. The owners of this establishment say that each person has his own, unique beauty. And the agency opened back in 1969. Two photographers decided to use it to fill the void between different facets of fashion. For this, an advertisement was posted in the newspaper in which people with interesting faces were invited to work. Several thousand applications were immediately received. And this was the only time that the company was advertised. The agency quickly filled the niche of ugly faces. Today, his main clients are Levi's, Calvin Klein, Diesel, Vogue, Cosmpopolitan and Elle. And representatives of the agency have appeared in films about Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean and James Bond.

A 72-year-old grandfather who advertises clothes for girls. In 2012, a photo of this elderly Chinese man advertising outfits for young girls went viral. It all started when his granddaughter posted these pictures on her retail website. The joke evolved into a large-scale advertising for the store. Liu Xianping, the same Chinese grandfather, became the first elderly person to achieve fame on the Internet by advertising women's clothing. The 72-year-old man, thanks to his granddaughter, posed in outfits designed specifically for teenage girls. Liu Xianping did not hesitate to pose in pink, with ribbons and lace. For the brand itself, such a powerful advertisement served as an excellent impetus. It turned out that the model behaves at ease in front of the camera, helped by the thinness of the Chinese man and his long legs. Advertising was noted for themselves by millions, and the sales of his granddaughter's store immediately increased fivefold!

Model without an arm. The absence of a hand, as practice shows, is not at all an obstacle for girls on the way to the podium. There are many stories in the fashion world about how people succeeded without this important part of the body. But if the Dutch model Debbie van der Putten lost her arm during the accident, then the Englishwoman Kelly Knox was born without her left forearm. This is due to the syndrome of amniotic constrictions. But the girl was able to win a special competition "British model with disabilities." The charming model was noted, she participated in advertising campaigns for brands such as Debenhams, Procter & Gamble, Marie Claire. Kelly herself says that at home it is not customary for her to pronounce the word disabled and she herself does not feel that way. The model became the star of the Chinese edition of Marie Claire, starring in dresses from Lagerfeld and Chanel. In an interview with the publication, Kelly said that she seems imperfect in a society where everyone is trying to look perfect. But she perceives herself as she is. A breakthrough for her was the shows for P & G Beauty. As the girl walked across the huge rotating stage, tears stood in her eyes. Now Kelly Knox participates in many charity events, believing that her participation in the modeling business will change the attitude towards people with disabilities.



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